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High voltage XLPE power cable

High voltage XLPE power cable

Min.Order QTY:1000 meters

Package:Wooden drum, Steel wooden drum, Coil, Box…

Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, D/P

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(High voltage XLPE power cable) manufactured by JYTOP meets or exceeds the requirements of all international standards like ASTM, AS, BS, CSA, DIN, IEC, NFC, SS -etc

  Application:XLPE insulation, steel tape armor, PVC sheath power cable is used to be laid underground, the cable could bear certain mechanical force, but it couldn’t bear great pulling force.

  Standards: IEC502 , IEC332-3

  Conductor: Cu

  Insulation: XLPE( Cross-Linked Polyethylene )

  Armored: Steel tape

  Sheath: PVC

  Sheath Color: Black or Gray

  Bending Radius:

  Single core: 20D ± 0.05 , multi-core: 15D ±0.05

  Temperature Rating: 0℃to 90℃

Nominal cross sectional area of conductor(mm2) Tape-armored
Approx, overall diameter(mm) Approximate weight kg/km
3×50 75.4 6749 5819
3×70 79.3 7709 6408
3×95 83.2 8826 7059
3×120 88.0 10795 8564
3×150 91.6 12058 9269
3×185 95.5 13507 10067
3×240 100.8 15707 11245
3×300 106.0 18041 12464
3×400 113.1 21731 14295

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