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16mm 3 core cable

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16 mm2 3 core pvc sheath armoured cable:
1. Conductors: copper or aluminum.
2. armored and non-armored type are available.
3. Voltage rating: 6/10kV 8.7/15kV 26/35kV.
4. PVC or PE sheathed.
5. Number of cable cores: one core(Single core),two cores (double cores), three cores, four cores (four equal-section-area cores or three equal-section-area cores and one smaller section area neutral core), five cores (Five equal-area cores or three equal-section-area cores and two smaller section area neutral cores).
6. Standards: IEC 60502. IEC, BS, DIN, ASTM, CSA, NFC, AS, GOST etc. Or other special standards according to customers' request.
16 mm2 3 core PVC insulated power cable:
16mm 3 core cable
16 mm2 3 core PVC insulated power cables are used for general purpose, as building wire for power, lighting and control wire to electrical appliances, suitable for use in conduit and for fixed laying, protected installation.
1.U0/U: 0.6/1KV,8.7/15KV,26/35KV
2.Standard applied: IEC60502, BS7870, GB/T12706
3.Max. working temperature: 70°C, can be 90°C, 105°C and 125°C as per requirement
4.Conductor: copper wires
5.Insulation: PVC
6 Cores:1-5 cores
7.Cross section area:0.75-630mm2
8. Sheath:PVC
10.Flame retardant or Fire resistance or low smoking and Halogen free or other property can be avaliable.
16mm2 3 core abc cable:
1.Voltage: 0.6/1KV
2. Conductor: copper or aluminum
3. Insulation: XLPE/PE/PVC
4. Cores: 1 C, 2C, 3C, 4C
5. Nominal Cross-section: 10mm2 to 400mm2
6. Standard: GB/T 14049-2008 IEC 60502
7. Max. Operating Temperature: XLPE/PE: 90 °C , PVC : 70  °C .
9.Packing: Wooden Drum or according to the customer requirement.
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