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200m armoured cable 4mm 3 core YJV resistance

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Calculate line resistance R
Formula: R= ρ * L/S
In which: ρ - conductor resistivity, copper cable use 0.01740 substitute, aluminum conductor use 0.0283 substitute  
L - the length of the line, with the "m" substitution
S — Nominal cross section of S cable
Calculate line pressure drop:  
Formula: ΔU=I×R
So to calculate the voltage drop cable, first of all to know the size of the line in the current, or know the power  size, according to the power to calculate. And the size of the cable voltage drop is also related to the laying  environment temperature, the higher the temperature, the greater the voltage drop.
YJV 0.6/1kv 3*4mm2 armoured cable another end voltage is 220V.