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300mm2 cable diameter calculation

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300mm2 cable diameter
Working current and calculation:
Calculation formula of working current of electric (cable) cable:
I=P / (U * cos *)
P- power (W); U- voltage (220V); Cos Phi - power factor (0.8); I- phase current (A)
I=P / (U * 1.732 * cos phi)
P- power (W); U- voltage (380V); cosΦ - power factor (0.8); I- phase current (A)
General safety cross-sectional flow of copper wire is 5-8A/ mm, the safety section of the aluminum wire is 3-5A/ square mm.
In single phase 220V circuit, the current of each 1KW power is about 4-5A, and the current of each 1KW power is about 2A in the three-phase load balance.
That is, in a single phase circuit, each 1 square mm of copper wire can withstand 1KW power load; three-phase balance circuit can withstand the power of 2-2.5KW.
300/3.14 open square, and then multiplied by 2, the diameter is 19.54mm.